Club Organised Rides

There are plenty of rides organised within the club, catering for all abilities:

  • Old Lags Ride: A circular run of around 40 miles average speed 13mph. Café stop included.
  • STRAW Ride (Steady Training Run All Welcome): Usually covers between 70-90 miles and averages around 17mph. Café lunch stop included. Arranged via the “Club Forum”.
  • Early Bird Ride: Usually covers between 50-60 miles and averages around 19mph. Set off early Sunday morning and back before lunch, brew stop included. Arranged via the “Club Forum”.
  • Winter Training Ride: Fast training ride 50 miles, avergaing 20mph in a through and off formation. Arranged via the “Club Forum”.
  • Saturday Social: These runs are intended for everyone and the pace will be moderate, i.e. social not training, (about 15mph but may be quicker if everyone is OK) and no one will be dropped.

STRAW Ride: arranged via the “Club Forum
Old Lags Ride: 9.30am@Walmsley Church, Egerton.

STRAW Ride: arranged via the “Club Forum
Old Lags Ride: 9.30am@Walmsley Church, Egerton.

Saturday Social (1st Saturday of every Month) 9:00@Beehive Pub
STRAW Ride: arranged via the “Club Forum
Winter Training Ride: arranged via the “Club Forum”

Early Bird Ride: arranged via the “Club Forum”

When out with the club:

When joining any Lancashire Road Club rides please make sure you bring:

Spare tube, pump and toolkit
Money for cafe lunch stop
Mudguards in winter
Lights in winter

Club run etiquette, when riding in a group:

Riders at the front of the group should maintain a consistent pace and also warn the rest of the group about:

Change of speed
Approaching vehicles
Traffic lights/junctions etc

Riders at the rear of the group should warn others about:

Cars approaching from behind
Members dropping off the back
When to single out to let traffic past


Should not sit more than 2 abreast at any time
Should single out in busy or built up areas
Should wait for fellow club members with mechanical problems/punctures.