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Our Rides

We have a few regular rides, in addition rides are posted to our Facebook page, there is a link to our Facebook page at the bottom of this page.



When out with the club


When joining any Lancashire Road Club rides please make sure you bring:


  • Helmet

  • Spare tube, pump and toolkit

  • Water/fuel

  • Money

  • Mudguards in winter

  • Lights in winter


Club run etiquette, when riding in a group

Riders at the front of the group should maintain a consistent pace and also warn the rest of the group about:


  • Potholes.

  • Obstructions.

  • Change of speed.

  • Approaching vehicles.

  • Traffic lights/junctions etc.


Riders at the rear of the group should warn others about:


  • Cars approaching from behind.

  • Members dropping off the back.

  • When to single out to let traffic past.



  • Should not sit more than 2 abreast at any time.

  • Should single out in busy or built up areas.

  • Should wait for fellow club members with mechanical problems/puncture.

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